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Hello Friends, So, what are we on? Week 4,586 of “Stay at Home” or does it just feel that way? Actually, I have to say it hasn’t been too bad. I’m quite enjoying being back in my home studio, and having a few extra minutes (hours?) each day to focus on my own home. Are […]

My Favorite Finds

Part Three: My Favorite Design Sources

Hello Friends, Last week, I shared one of my favorite small business home decor sources with an online presence… Huff Harrington in Atlanta. If you missed last weeks email, you can find it here. This week, we’re going to the suburbs of Chicago… to an amazingly well curated shop called Anecdote. I have to say, I’m always super impressed […]

My Favorite Finds

Part Two: My Favorite Home Decor Sources

Hello Friends, I LOVE Kitchens! I love to hang out in them, entertain friends in them, and most of all, I love to design them! Kitchens really are the heart of the home…ever notice how even at the fanciest cocktail party, people are always in the kitchen. They just feel good!  Today, I’m sharing a few […]

My Favorite Finds

Favorite Five: Kitchen Faucets

Let’s talk about the guys in your life. Often, they’re the hardest to buy for… why is that? Here’s a roundup of some great gifts we’ve found for brothers, dads, and husbands… and in this edition, a few items for my Santa Fe locals! The Limited Edition Eames Radio, the Son of a Sailor leather […]

My Favorite Finds

Gift Guide for Him

As promised, more gift ideas today…even these monogrammed gifts can still be delivered by the 25th, but you better get crackin’, and so had I! And since I always love a festive holiday cocktail that just seems a bit “extra” whenever I’m entertaining, I’m sending along one of my favorites. All my best,Melinda 1. Monogrammed Leather Pouch // […]

My Favorite Finds

Gift Guide For Her

Can someone please put the brakes on this holiday season? How did it get to be half way through December? If you’re anything like me, and you’re still trying to cram in all of your holiday shopping in this last week, you will love our 2019 Holiday Gift Guides! Today, it’s all about gifts for […]

My Favorite Finds

2019 Holiday Gift Guide

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"It was especially impressive how Melinda used our existing possessions to their full potential, then filled in around them. The end result is amazing, and we take delight in seeing the visual beauty of color, form and function she created in our home."

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